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    A leading clothing retailer was expanding with new lines for infants and toddlers just in time for the holidays.

    See how we helped them hit their goals.

    • First we loaded up our cart.

      We began building an audience from our consumer and behavior data of past site visitors.
    • And then loaded it some more.

      We began to home in on specific audience sets, as we sought out in-the-market customers like new movers, expecting moms and readers of mom/baby blogs.
    • Beating the competition.

      Next we got competitive, layering in information from users who had recently visited our retailer’s rivals. Our data scientists then discovered that our audience set frequently rented luxury cars – allowing us to target our audience even more.
    • Time for a bonus.

      Now it was time to connect our CRM data, and a more comprehensive target by following our customers’ behaviors and purchase patterns.
    • Ready for checkout.

      We dramatically increased our audience pool by using look-a-like modeling. This let us find people with similar profiles, and unleash our dynamic creative to stimulate them to click and buy.
    • Measuring our success.

      With the audience built and the campaign running, it was time to report. Using a real-time dashboard, we showed our marketer their campaign results in one interactive and engaging format –letting them apply the insights to future campaigns.

    The result? We celebrated a season of sensational sales.

    We uncovered a wide and ferociously engaged audience who was ready to purchase, which allowed us to scale quickly in a tight timeframe. The result was a very joyful holiday season for our retailer partner, which exceeded its holiday goals.

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