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    The curtain was going up on a leading movie studio’s newest release in just one month.

    See how we helped them fill seats on opening night.

    • Time for the spotlight.

      We knew female Hispanics between 25 and 35 would become our main drivers of ticket sales. But because we were releasing a new movie, traditional remarketing would go straight to DVD. We needed a blockbuster.
    • Tickets for 3 million, please.

      Our sophisticated multicultural measurement capabilities let us align culturally relevant messages with our target. Using targeted keyword searches and related content views, we amped up the excitement.
    • It’s showtime.

      With this audience, we knew the more engaging ad, the better. We served up high-energy video ads based off the movie’s theatrical trailer and messaged them across all their devices.
    • Don’t forget to bring friends.

      We motivated our audience by using Facebook ads to build buzz and anticipation by liking and engaging with the movie’s page.

    Roll credits: The campaign was a success!

    In just a month’s time, we went from zero buzz to broad awareness with our target segments for the movie across the country. Thanks to our sophisticated tracking tools, we were able to verify for our client that the audience was delivered.

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