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    A popular detergent was looking to strengthen its brand sales by engaging new audiences and energizing its base.

    See how we help them connect with multiple audiences in an effective manner.

    • 3 audiences.
      3 very different mindsets.

      Our plan was to create three separate target audiences: loyal adult buyers, their coming-of-age children, and a new generation of environmentally conscious shoppers.
    • Go big or go home.

      We needed maximum impact for these audiences, so we repurposed the brand’s existing video assets to create a series of high-impact ads, tailored with distinct, relevant messaging.
    • With a little help from our friends.

      We then leveraged our relationships with over 75 premium inventory providers to find scalable, brand safe and highly-visible placements to bring our cross-device story to life on desktop, tablet and mobile phones.
    • A measured approach.

      Accountability counts. So we designed a tracking system to measure the campaign’s efficacy, with VCR and CPCV reporting in real time. As with all CPG campaigns, we made sure to measure the metrics that mattered like brand lift and ad activity.

    The metrics weren’t good, they were unbelievably great:

    100% viewability on all the ads
    The big result: the campaign generated a 2% increase in the dollar sales rate nationwide. (That’s real money in the CPG market).

    We used these findings to plan for future campaigns, which included coupon promotions to encourage consumers to purchase throughout the year. And best of all, a new generation of buyers were born.

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