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    A leading luxury auto manufacturer was looking to ramp up interest and more importantly action, from baby boomers.

    See how we transformed online surfing into in-dealership sales.

    • Start the ignition with the keys to a custom audience.

      We began looking for customers that were in-market for a new car. This meant gathering as much data as possible, including customers who visited competitive auto dealerships within the previous 30 days.
    • Then we stepped on the gas.

      Every ad served was created with contextual elements to motivate our audience. For instance, on hot days over 80 degrees, we served creative with the latest model convertible.
    • Zero to 6 million impressions cross device.

      We wanted our message to be top of mind for the audience – serving them messaging across all their devices. The direct call to action – “Sign Up Now For a Test Drive” – helped turn customer excitement into real offline behavior.
    • A campaign in overdrive.

      We amped up the campaign and took a deep look into the marketer’s CRM insights and specific VIN identification information. We found an audience of car owners who had been driving one of the manufacturer’s models for at least 3 years – making them ideal customers for an upsell.
    • Driving our message home.

      We sent these current owners a customized marketing message – display banner ads with an opportunity to end their lease early and test drive a newer model. Who could resist that new car smell?

    The result? Test drives and sales went through the roof.

    Understanding where to locate our manufacturer’s audience and how to appropriately use these data sets made all the difference. The campaign led to significant (1) increases in test drive sign ups and (2) sales from both current and prospective buyers. It was a success that far surpassed the marketer’s expectations.

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