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    Great products benefit great minds.

    We combine the power of diverse audience targeting tactics, programmatic media buying and cross-device practices to create a 21st century marketing mix. Our advantage is delivering messaging at its most effective to an audience that’s most valuable to you - wherever they are online.

    Targeting & Data Activation

  • Digital Out-of-Home

    Extend your targeting capabilities with digital out-of-home advertising and reach customers at strategic locations no matter where they are.

  • Smart remarketing

    Bring consumers back to your site by serving them targeted advertising. Our distinct method recognizes each individual’s behavior and interests in real time to deliver better performance, incremental sales, leads and engagement at the most efficient media spend.

  • Contextual targeting

    Deliver relevant real-time messaging to your target audience based on the content they have viewed or keywords they searched.

  • Look-alike modeling

    Imagine if you could clone your most engaged users? Now you can, letting you find customers with similar attributes to your highest-value targets.

  • Data science intent segments

    Our data science team builds proprietary data segments that are modeled from your 1st party data and enhanced by our 3rd party data relationships. You gain additional reach with these powerful, highly-qualified prospects showing intent within a specific category, customized to your brand.

  • Data-driven prospecting

    We bring a customized prospecting approach derived from our advanced audience insights. We also leverage partnerships with over 75 leading data and inventory providers to target highly-qualified individuals – aiming to convert them into high-value customers.

  • Conquesting

    We gather data and build a comprehensive understanding of the landscape to conquest the competition.

  • Target Data (Pre-mover Data)

    Netmining’s exclusive audience segment allows you to reach qualified pre-movers throughout their moving process with your most relevant marketing message. We monitor and identify new home listings through print and online channels to create a precise pre-mover segment.

  • Connexity / Lozo

    Target in-market shoppers and qualified buyers within specific and lifestyle and lifestage audience segments.

  • Weather data targeting

    Smart campaigns get contextual. Using our exclusive weather data we serve ads that speak to your consumer’s purchasing behaviors and moods during various seasonal conditions. Rules can be set around conditions such as Temperature, Humidity, UV Index, Precipitation, Wind-chill, Allergy Index and more. Let’s get creative.

  • Multicultural targeting

    Target African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic groups through focused channels with high impact.

  • CRM

    We help you get the most of your existing 1st party data by on-boarding your CRM data, letting you target your audience wherever they are online.

  • Bridging TV & digital

    Complement and enhance your TV buys with strategic digital display through 1:1 messaging to ensure ads are being seen by users on any device or screen, conquesting against competitive TV spots and triggering ads off of special events, holidays, weather, and more.

  • Mobile

  • Cross-device targeting

    Engage your consumers on every one of their devices, from desktop to mobile, with unmatched scale, comprehensive analysis and continuous access.

  • Geo & hyper-local fencing

    Know where your customers are? Then target them within a designated geographic area, with both real-time and historical location data.

  • Historical location data

    Target within a designated boundary through historical location data to find your high-value consumers.

  • Creative

  • Video units

    High visibility. High impact. The mark of a modern campaign is engaging through a wide range of video targeting capabilities – and all campaigns incorporate our proprietary audience scoring and optimization technology.

  • Dynamic creative

    Deliver the most effective version of your message based on your customers who are most likely to engage. Customized, one-to-one ads create a better user experience and a stronger ad performance.

  • High impact units

    When just an ad won’t do, our High Impact unit expands from a 300×250 size into a fully customized microsite experience, leveraging sight, sound and motion assets tailored to the brand. This unit has the capability to plug-in store locators, social widgets, videos and more.

  • QTM Units

    We offer a variety of quick-to-market ad units that display relevant messaging customized to your targeted content and audience. These high-performing units can quickly and efficiently leverage effective search keywords and phrases, be used in conjunction with new keywords, or be independently built.

  • Brand connect units

    This dynamic unit allows you to feature a main product and provide multiple call to actions or links within a scrolling bar.

  • Connected TV

    With our 100% viewable and 100% share-of-voice ad units, Netmining allows you to target your most important consumers on an Internet-enabled smart TV or television through an over-the-top (OTT) streaming device. Connected TV advertising heightens the consumer viewing experience of personalized and interactive ads by displaying your message on a larger screen.

  • Mobile product suite

    Choose from any of our mobile ad unit inventory: banners, rich media units, High Impact take overs and mobile pre-roll video, and then unleash them across smartphones and tablets.

  • High impact mobile units

    When just an ad won’t do, our High Impact unit expands from a 300×250 size into a fully customized microsite experience, leveraging sight, sound and motion assets tailored to the brand. This unit has the capability to plug-in store locators, social widgets, videos and more.

  • Measurement

  • Quarterly audience insights

    Get a better look at your audience and learn who’s engaging – both clicking and converting. We offer a comprehensive report that includes key indexes based on site- and impression-level data.

  • Dynamic insights dashboard

    Netmining’s Dynamic Insights Reporting Dashboard takes all of your display data and summarizes it into clear insights that are actionable at a glance for you.

  • LiveMarketer/Scoring Engine

    Our Audience Scoring Engine drives all our solutions by translating data into customer intelligence that yields high performing and highly relevant online advertising, targeted to your customer. We measure each of your consumer’s interests and behaviors and weigh how valuable each individual is in relation to your specific advertising goals. The Scoring Engine dashboard visualizes your audiences’ behaviors in real-time. Each dot represents a consumer browsing the marketer’s live website.

  • Brand lift survey

    Gauge the effectiveness of your branding campaign so you can best grow your online presence, improving future campaigns, and optimizing existing creative and media buys.

  • Brand safety viewability

    We partner with 3rd party brand-safety providers to ensure that your ads are in-view and running in a well-lit environment, and that impression waste is eliminated.

  • Audience verification

    How can you be sure we’re hitting your right audience? Using 3rd party verification, we give you the backup and peace of mind your campaign is being received by your exact target audience.

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