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    Highlights from Advertising Week NY

    by Dean Vegliante
    Posted in: Reports
    It’s a wrap on Advertising Week here in New York! It was an eventful few days of back-to-back sessions, long winding lines, and a lot of free donuts. Despite the slight disarray of the unconventional venue (where was the popcorn?), the event provided a lot of valuable insights from some of the biggest names in the industry. Below, we highlight some themes consistent throughout the week:
    1. Build customer loyalty through authenticity. Many speakers stressed the importance of speaking to customers in an authentic voice that encourages trust; when customers believe in your brand, they will be more willing to share their personal data and build a loyal relationship.
    2. Thanks to data and new technology, the retail apocalypse is a myth. More retailers are leveraging customer data to inform an omnichannel marketing strategy that ties together online and offline touchpoints. Identity resolution capabilities help marketers better understand their customers, powering more effective personalized interactions.
    3. Brands are reconciling corporate identity with brand safety. Current public discourse seems to be more polarizing than ever, and brands are wary of attracting any potential negative associations—reasonably so. While many speakers assured marketers that there is great value in taking a stance on certain issues, they also urged caution and careful consideration when brands decide which issues to align themselves with.
    4. Marketers are prioritizing data transparency as an industry goal. In the wake of data protection legislations like GDPR and CCPA, industry bodies like the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Advertising Research Foundation are pushing for standardization in the way third parties sell and distribute data. A standardized method, they posit, would render communication about data clearer and more efficient.
    5. Customers today are more driven by emotional connections. When parsing through the seemingly limitless options available to them, customers are more compelled to support a brand whose ethos they can align themselves with. Similarly, recommendations from peers have four times more impact than recommendations from experts in the field—proving that customers view their purchases as shared experiences, not simply a product or service.
    We had a blast at Adweek and are already looking forward to the event next year!

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