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    Netmining Launches New Guaranteed Media Model to Ensure Effective Inventory Amid Shifting Programmatic Landscape

    by Netmining
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    Agencies Now Able to Buy Based on Goals for Brand Safety, Viewability, Fraud, Performance and Video Completion Rate NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Netmining, the leading provider of programmatic data-driven targeting solutions, today announced the availability of a new media buying guarantee model that will ensure marketers and agencies are achieving the best possible placement and performance for all of their digital media. The new guaranteed model provides Netmining’s ad buyer clients with the option to purchase campaigns built around guaranteed thresholds of brand safety, viewability, fraud-free inventory, video completion rates, and other performance metrics. “It’s important that our brand partners know they are buying effective media,” said Jarod Caporino, managing partner at Resolute Digital. “Netmining has years of experience managing and executing successful programmatic media campaigns. Their new guaranteed offering equips agencies and brand advertisers with the ability to stay ahead of the curve.” The new guarantees are in line with the evolution of the programmatic marketplace, which has shifted emphasis toward effective media and away from simple scale and access to media. Netmining clients interested in purchasing guaranteed media will have the option of buying against different benchmark levels, depending on the metric they’d like guaranteed. Buyers will only pay for media that reaches the guarantee – for example, brands buying around completion rates will not pay for media that fails to help achieve the guarantee. “As programmatic continues to evolve, it’s vital that marketers and agencies keep performance top of mind,” said Dean Vegliante, President of Netmining. “Of course, the ongoing evolution has changed the common understanding of performance. Buyers need to achieve their goals for each campaign, and doing so requires more than simply purchasing media. With a team of experienced media managers, we can optimize to ensure that media spend is going toward the goal.” About Netmining Netmining provides intelligent audience targeting, powered by data and shaped by the best analytical minds in the business. We believe your marketing should be driven by human insights using data as a tool, not the other way around. This approach creates a deeper understanding of your brand. With the challenge of fragmented consumer media habits, Netmining’s cross-device targeting and attribution allows marketers to find their high-value consumers wherever they are across all screens of engagement. The result is your most important audience, delivered.

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