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    Cart Abandonment Series Part 5: Customer Experience

    by Dean Vegliante
    Posted in: Reports
    In the final part of this series, we take a closer look at the impact that a positive customer experience can have in encouraging customers to complete a purchase and minimize cart abandonment.

    Tip #5: Provide A Positive Experience
    It happens too often: after a long time spent considering and researching a purchase, the customer goes to a brand’s website to finally buy, and the UX fails. The experience is disjointed or too slow, making it cumbersome to navigate and difficult to complete the purchase, which ultimately causes the customer to lose patience and abandon their cart in frustration.

    The customer experience plays a crucial role in influencing purchases, and a large number of carts are abandoned due to an unsatisfactory (or worse, broken) path to purchase. There’s a simple solution for UX optimization: test it, then improve it.

    Tools like the website personalization capabilities powered by Netmining’s platform can help ensure that when a potential customer visits your website, the customer journey is easy and individualized, thus minimizing cart abandonment. For example, if a customer goes to a retail website and places a shirt in their cart, but then returns to the homepage of that site rather than clicking through to complete their purchase, website personalization technology can modify the image on the homepage to reflect the item in their cart. That extra split-second reminder or a triggered message based on leave intent that provides a simple incentive for the customer to complete the purchase can be the difference between a customer abandoning their cart or following through.

    That’s A Wrap
    Ultimately, online shopping should be three things: intuitive, streamlined, and personalized. Customers want brands that understand them and deliver what they want, in terms of product, incentive offers, and customer experience.
    This is the final part of our Cart Abandonment series, but that doesn’t mean the conversation is over. If you’re ready to learn more about how Netmining can help you reduce cart abandonment and better reach your customers this holiday season, we’d love to connect.

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