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    Aetna looked to drive online application submissions for its AARP® Essential Premier Health Insurance plan. To enroll and receive coverage, one had to be an AARP member and live in one of the 30 states to which Aetna/AARP provides health insurance to those aged 50-64. The marketer also wanted to maintain a low cost per submitted application (CPSA) benchmark. As this target is very specific, Aetna required an efficient full-funnel targeting approach to maximize media spend


    Netmining's Scoring Engine assigned each PremierHealthCoverage.com visitor a score based on a series of behavior attributes (such as frequency, recency and time-spent) correlating to the visitor's propensity to submit an application. The dynamic score adjusted in real time as the Engine learned more about the visitor and his/her reactions to messaging on various inventory sources, helping discern his/her age and AARP membership status. Netmining ranked individuals by their scores and placed bids based on each individual's relative value to Aetna and propensity to submit an application.

    Netmining's SmartRemarketing SM solution, which reinforced the marketer's messaging and brought past visitors back to the site to complete and submit an application.

    Aetna used Netmining's Data-driven Prospecting solution to increase its targeting base. Netmining identified the attributes of site visitors that successfully submitted an application and used that list to build out a prospecting model to find other consumers within Netmining's database who showed similar profile attributes of Aetna's target consumer. This resulted in a new and highly qualified audience pool to target.

    To further expand the targeting pool, Netmining leveraged its relationship with 30+ premium inventory sources to find relevant consumers that would likely submit an application.


    Delivered efficient CPSA exceeding the goal by 79.3%

    Top performer throughout the campaign

    52% more effective than the other 8 digital partners

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