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    24 Hour Fitness, a nationwide gym chain open 24/7, was seeking new ways to grow online sales of memberships. They were aware of the typical brief customer life-time-value and wished to drive membership enrollments of higher quality customers that would stick with the gym for many years.


    24 Hour Fitness used Netmining’s technology to increase response rates via enhanced targeting techniques. Netmining’s real-time scoring engine identified and profiled all site visitors to create highly qualified audience segments based on their engagement metrics. The engine provided detailed visitor behavioral information (i.e. time spent on page, recency and frequency of visits) to determine which had the highest customers that show the most interest and would be more likely to become long-lasting members. 24 Hour Fitness leveraged this data to rank the users who visited 24hourfitness.com but did not buy a membership and delivered ads only to those who had the highest engagement with the site. The remarketing program eliminated impression waste and drove the best impression-to-sales ratio and the lowest cost-per-lead on 24 Hour Fitness’s digital media plan.

    The campaign ran for 12 months and became more successful the longer it ran. The remarketing audience pool grew and new users were added daily. The growing number of users helped to increase the accuracy of the targeting engine as each user’s browsing and buying behavior provided additional data that was fed into the algorithm to refine its ability to identify those that had the highest propensity to buy.


    Drove 10% of the brand's online marketing leads

    Drove 40% of all online membership sales

    Drove 66% higher ROI than our competitors.

    The top performer on the media plan.

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